Small update. We continue to wait on H1Z1, damn SoE for never meeting deadlines.
Lothamar wanted me to pass on that him and some old BT friends are in RIFT still as it is the best of the FTP mmos still out there.
He is playing as Kryisanna or just look for Black Talons in game if you need a hookup.



Hello those visiting this page. I hope you are doing well!
Where is Black Talons? Well the simple answer is Black Talons is no more.

The complicated answer is much more involved. Black Talons started many many years ago in Everquest, although many had played NeverWinterNights before that. The guild was formed by Saze( Dan, whom many people still ask about to this day. I hope you are well Dan! ) and we had many many great officers over time. Skeezix, Manethron, Daster( Dan's wife )maybe even me. There is many more but those were all in the founding of it along with some other greats.

Cazic-Thule, our EQ server had a lot of great guilds on it, and as time went by, families had babies, marriages happened and well we all started to grow old. I took over most of the operations early to mid 2000's while Saze was still playing but not as actively due to family and we went on to many games. Over time it became clear the magic of great and new and exciting MMO's was lost and games came and went, so did core people slow but sure. Most of the old members saw the same thing we did. MMO's lacked design depth, good programmers and just being fun.
They became solo fests where group play was hardly rewarded and players became a number in a database.

We found some excitment and interest once again in Warhammer and truthfully stayed active in it the better part of 3 years. We also found some great new members to bolster the ranks once again that was very team involved. Sadly Warhammer eventually as well showed its lack of coding and design goals and once again we were off in the wind.

We tried many games, Rift, SWTOR, GW2 and a few even went to ESO. Which is where things got complicated. The very few core members of Black Talons whom were mostly new members from Warhammer, took it upon themselves to make a new site, new comms, and new rules without even consulting Dan, Lothamar or me. The truth is Black Talons essentially died in Star Wars when many of us gave up on MMO's and the time investment verus the money grab MMO's had become.  Despite the illegitiment new Black Talons with members mostly from GW2 which Black Talons never really had a part in, heading to ESO, I see only simple months have passed and they are moving on to yet another MMO.

So what is left? Nothing. The guild is now disbanded, the true Black Talons is no more and of the 680ish members of Black Talons from 1999-2012 only a very small handful are involved in any guild using the name.

Personally I am playing WarThunder, and will be playing H1Z1 next month in early access which is based on the Star Wars design from SOE many years ago. Basically Walking Dead/Day Z online.

I wish EVERYONE who comes here to read this a happy and healthy life.